Monday, October 25, 2010

Twitter & Education = Twiducate is a free resource for educators. An attempt to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners in a social networking environment.

Many students already use social networking sites. Why not give them an opportunity to develop their learning in this type of environment but with control over visibility and content. Talk about student engagement!

It is a fact that students will need social networking, blogging and basic internet skills to compete in today's business world.

As educators with an interest in web 2.0, we understand how education has and will continue to change. We want to provide an opportunity for our students to explore web 2.0 but are constantly facing barriers with existing social networking sites.

Welcome to

Not only will give your students the web 2.0 skills they need, but also expand their reading, writing, thoughts and ideas beyond the classroom setting.

Here’s a quick look at what Twiducate offers for teachers:
An online community for classrooms
A way to have a password-protected place for your class to discuss things online
A place to share inspiration, ideas, reading, and thoughts
A spot to post discussions, deadlines, and homework
A way to instantly create surveys for your students
An easy method to keep parents informed of daily projects
Here’s what Twiducate offers students:

A way to collaborate with fellow students
The assurance that anything you write will be viewed only by classmates and / or your teacher
An easy way to track deadlines and homework
A method to share and record thoughts and ideas with classmates
A social network that actually improves writing and punctuation
A way to connect with friends outside of the classroom

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