Sunday, October 17, 2010

Five Truths of Teaching Tech to Elementary Students

Rugrat-ical Technology: Five Truths of Teaching Tech to Elementary Students

A third-grade teacher offers educators five suggestions for using technology in elementary-school classrooms. Gaetan Pappalardo writes that students should be consistently exposed to technology and should be given "achievable goals." He also suggests that teachers find a capable student who can assist as a technology guide. Pappalardo suggests several free tools for teachers, including the technology platform Tumblr and Prezi for presentations.

Excerpt from blog:
I often get a look of confusion when I tell my students to, “Go mess up, will ya’.” Their eyes widen and they turn to a neighbor for a lifejacket because I just threw them in the deep end of technology. Come on, it’s only a computer. Using tech in the classroom requires trust. Are they going to mess up? Sure. Are they going to add another call to your list, a dreaded call to the technology department? Maybe. Are they thinking? Absolutely. Are they applying what they know about technology to create something original or to solve a problem? Yes, brothers and sisters, yes. This is what we want from our kids. We want these rugrats to think. You just have to let the reigns out a little bit and let them mess up. Let them crash their bike, get up, and try it again.

Here are a few tips and technology suggestions from my experiences with third graders.

Truth #1: Time + Exposure = Progress
May I be blunt here? If you're not putting time into technology, your kids will not be technologically proficient. Anything worth doing is always hard and it always takes time. Using tech with rugrats takes a considerable amount of time. Try to grab it whenever you can. Whether your school uses a mobile lab or a traditional classroom, sign up for extra time when they're not being used. Consistent and extended exposure to technology is key. Initial time to learn how to use programs and platforms builds a strong foundation on which kids will learn to learn. Why not block off a whole afternoon for your kids to explore programs. No assignment, go explore. Try stuff. Get into trouble and get out of it.

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