Sunday, September 12, 2010

Audioboo_A Simple Way to Share Audio

Audioboo is the simplest way to share audio.

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Educators may find this useful for the following reasons listed on the website:

Impromptu interviews that you can put on your website, ambience that just sound wonderful, music you’ve made yourself, a record of your children growing up or even a full blown radio show. You can use it for reporting, for story-telling, educational use or quick tips.

Think of it as your audio digital archive, your web connected dictaphone or simply a great way to let your colleagues, classmates, friends & family know what you’re up to.

Audioboo works on the web, iPhone and Android devices. Soon we’ll be adding Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Mobile. Our mission is to be the one platform you use when you want to record audio, share it or keep it safe for the future.

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