Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Show YouTube Videos In Your Classroom

What should you do if YouTube videos are blocked by your school district?

Try "Kick" YouTube!! (This has been disabled and is no longer in service)

Instead Try Keep Vid. Click here for link: and simply cut & paste the URL code into the search box and choose preferred formatting options.

Catch YouTube is a free tool for converting and downloading YouTube videos. Catch YouTube offers eight formats for video conversion. The video conversions are fairly quick depending on the length of the video.

Convert My Tube is a free service that allows you to convert a video to your choice of eight different formats for use on your local hard drive. To use Convert My Tube, simply enter the url of the video you want converted, select your desired format, and then download the video.

YouTube Snips is another good tool for downloading YouTube videos for use offline. To use YouTube Snips simply enter the the url of your chosen video and download the video in your preferred format. YouTube Snips gives you the choice of three formats, MP4, 3GP, and FLV. In my test of YouTube Snips the download was very quick.

Miro is an open source media player available for Mac and Windows. Miro is kind of like iTunes for user generated video websites. After you install Miro you can download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites directly from Miro. If there is a particular video producer that you like you can subscribe to the video channel. Each video is saved in your media player until you decide to delete it.

Disclaimer: Downloading content from YouTube can be interpreted as a violation of it's terms of service.

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