Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Bling Out Your Blog

1. How To Embed Videos Into Your Blog:

2. Let's Try It Out! Click on the title below to get the youtube video "Romancing the Soul". Follow the directions from the video (also listed below the title) to embed this video into your own blog.

Romancing The Soul

Step 1: Click on link to retrieve youtube video from website
Step 2: Allow video to play for a few seconds to make sure that the link is still working.
Step 3: Locate the "Embed" url code on the lower right-hand portion of your youtube screenshot
Step 4: Hit the tiny blue icon next to the url code for "Embed" to customize the border for your video.
Step 5: Select a size (pick 445 x 364)
Step 6: Now copy the url code next to "Embed"
Step 7: Open up your dashboard for your blog and select "New Post"
Step 8: Provide your New Post a title
Step 9: Select the "Edit Html" tab
Step 10: Write any words you need to describe the video to an audience for your blog
Step 11: Paste the url code you copied from the youtube website
Step 12: Find the very last size dimensions within the url code.
Step 13: Change the old width = 445 to new width = 425
Step 14: Change the old height = 364 to new height = 344
Step 15: Hit the orange "Publish Post" button and view your blog to see the outcome!

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